Is Year 2021 a good time to learn make-up? Future of make-up as a career explained!

When is the good time to learn makeup? Is there a future with make-up as a career?

The year 2020 will go down in the history book as one to remember, most of people’s planned life events have been messed up. Seeing how everything is changing.

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Airbrush Makeup VS Normal Makeup!

There are a lot of make-up artists or friends who want to learn makeup often have this question.

~ Airbrush Makeup or Normal Makeup/Traditional Makeup?

~ How do I choose a makeup class? In this age of technological development, should I choose Airbrush makeup technology that looks quite advanced?

In fact, the pros and cons of Airbrush makeup are inconspicuous, and can only be evaluated by the target effect that the makeup artist wants to achieve. Continue reading “Airbrush Makeup VS Normal Makeup!”

Congratulations to makeup course students who obtained City&Guilds UK Certifications!

Congratulations to our makeup course students who have finally obtained certification of City&Guilds (UK International)!

More than 140 years of history, City & Guilds International Professional Makeup Artist International Certification, this certificate of comprehensive content is extraordinary useful. It has been committed to promoting education and training closely related to the profession. City&Guilds is one of the UK’s most prestigious and largest professional qualification certification with a considerable scale of international accreditation body.

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Event Held: June 2017 – Introductory Colourimetry Workshop

June 2017 – S&Co Make-up Academy invited Taiwanese Guest Speaker Lisa, who is a Certified Personal Colour Advisor by NPO Japan Personal Colour Association, to share an introductory session to Colourimetry with our students.


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Event Held: April 2017 – Special Effects Zombie Makeup for Short Film with Whalle Production

April 2017 – While S&Co has established its market branding & positioning as the top bridal makeup studio in KL for more than a decade, our commercial activities in the past have been rather low profile, as we have always worked quietly behind the scene.

Through a recent catch up with the producer from Whalle Production, S&Co Make-up Academy was invited to join a short film they were filming, where special effects zombie makeup service was required.

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Welcome to S&Co Make-up Academy

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S&Co Make-up Academy strives to be different from most make-up academies in Klang Valley, or even Malaysia because we are:

  • The only Make-up Academy that is still active in the industry through S&Co Artistry Studio, where Commercial & Bridal makeup services are offered by our make-up artists
  • The Make-up Academy that has been nominated by Marie France Asia as Top 10 Bridal Hair & Makeup Artists in Kuala Lumpur (Reference)
  • Highly motivated to produce students who are well-equipped with the skills needed to perform on-the-job as a Professional Make-up Artist.

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