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S&Co Makeup Academy

April 2017 – While S&Co has established its market branding & positioning as the top bridal makeup studio in KL for more than a decade, our commercial activities in the past have been rather low profile, as we have always worked quietly behind the scene.

Through a recent catch up with the producer from Whalle Production, S&Co Make-up Academy was invited to join a short film they were filming, where special effects zombie makeup service was required.

As some of the make-up service and scenes were done at S&Co Make-up Academy, all our students get a glimpse of how movies are filmed by production houses. Some of our students were also invited to help out with the make-up service, mainly make-up for videography and special effects.

With the Walle Production Team’s persistence and passion, we hope their productions may become one of the recognised films from our Malaysia movie industry.