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S&Co Makeup Academy

There are a lot of make-up artists or friends who want to learn makeup often have this question.

~ Airbrush Makeup or Normal Makeup/Traditional Makeup?

~ How do I choose a makeup class? In this age of technological development, should I choose Airbrush makeup technology that looks quite advanced?

In fact, the pros and cons of Airbrush makeup are inconspicuous, and can only be evaluated by the target effect that the makeup artist wants to achieve.

First of all, let’s first understand what the Airbrush makeup is.

As the name implies, the Airbrush makeup uses spray gun & compressor to achieve flawless makeup, and the air is used to cover the skin with a very fine colour. The entire process reduces the chance of direct contact and friction with the skin, and is suitable for those who become red and sensitive when touched.

The traditional make-up is that you must apply makeup through makeup cottons, makeup brushes, or even fingers, and then apply makeup in a way that touches the skin.

We can’t merely state that it is better to use Airbrush technology to make up than a traditional make-up artist. It’s all about using its own “makeup skill with beauty sense.” If you have Airbrush technology, but you don’t have the right aesthetic, the result is graffiti with a high-tech makeup tool.  It is undeniable that the Airbrush makeup does give you a big extra point if you acquire this makeup tool.

The founder of S & Co. Makeup Academy suggests that if you are a new makeup artist, you must first learn the traditional makeup. After the basic concept of makeup skill, and the ability to complete the entire makeup independently, the Airbrush makeup technology is also an indispensable tool!