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Make-up Tips & Tricks

When is the good time to learn makeup? Is there a future with make-up as a career?

The year 2020 will go down in the history book as one to remember for COVID19 while year 2023 for its high inflation rate globally, most of people's planned life events have been messed up. Seeing how everything is changing.

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There are a lot of make-up artists or friends who want to learn makeup often have this question. ~ Airbrush Makeup or Normal Makeup/Traditional Makeup? ~ How do I choose a makeup class? In this age of technological development, should I choose Airbrush makeup technology that looks quite advanced? In fact, the pros and cons of Airbrush makeup are inconspicuous, and can only be evaluated by the target effect that the makeup artist wants to achieve.

千呼万唤使出来! 学生期待已久的作品终于热呼呼登场! 学生作品里呈现出新娘完美透亮肌肤,保证绝对没有任何修图加工! 和现场亲眼看见的作品绝对100%吻合! 学生如何从零基础到拥有时尚的美感,然后有稳健的技术,之后能完全独立操作化妆与发型设计。这绝对脱离不了学院完美的课程编排! S & Co. 化妆学院坚持保留的教学宗旨: