Career Placement

We Help Our Students Jumpstart Their Career

At S&Co Make-up Academy, we are committed to preparing our students enter the job markets or business world upon graduation. Therefore, we place significant emphasis on our curriculum, to equip our students with the right knowledge through theoretical lessons and to polish their skills further through assignments. We also actively screen for the right real world outdoor jobs for our students to participate under close supervision by our Tutors. Prior to graduation, we also provide career talk and sharing sessions to help them with an advantage either as a job applicant or a business starter.

Join Our Hiring Partners!

Hiring Process

We help our students benefit from the fast-track job application process, to secure a position that is highly relevant to their learning at S&Co Make-up Academy.

  1. From time-to-time, our Hiring Partners will send us the list of vacancies available in Singapore & Malaysia.
  2. Any students who are keen to join our Hiring Partner should send their Curriculum Vitae (CV) to their Tutors and indicate their preferred positions, ie retail or office executives within the beauty industry. 
  3. We will combine the student’s CV and examination transcripts, and send over to our Hiring Partners for their consideration.
  4. Our Hiring Partners may request for Tutors’ testimonial for shortlisted students, which will be further facilitated by us.
  5. Our Hiring Partners arrange interview session with the students directly at their offices.

Career Placement Questions & Answers

No. Acceptance into any vacancies is entirely up to our Hiring Partners’ discretion.
Yes, we only process applications from existing and recent graduates of S&Co Make-up Academy.

If you have graduated from S&Co Make-up Academy for a period of more than six (6) months, please reach out to our Tutors to discuss further. We may have to arrange for re-assessment on your skills if you fail to demonstrate your continuous learning or use of the skills learned at S&Co Make-up Academy, since your graduation.
Yes, of course! Be sure to check with our Tutors. Note that our Hiring Partners’ vacancies will be available for as long as the positions have not been filled.
Based on our students who have successfully joined our Hiring Partners, and our Hiring Partners’ feedback, we find the following criteria significantly improve students’ chances:
1. Possess good personality
2. Master skills learned at S&Co Make-up Academy through practices
3. Demonstrate the ability to work in team throughout all assignments
4. Prepare well-organised and honest curriculum vitae (CV)
Prior to signing the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), S&Co Make-up Academy would have completed basic due diligence on the hiring partners, ensuring that:
1. Their business is legitimately incorporated in either Singapore or Malaysia.
2. The person in charge dealing with us is an employee of the company.
3. The vacancies available are relevant to the courses offered by S&Co Make-up Academy.
We will only send these information to our Hiring Partners upon receiving the CV from you:
1. The CV submitted by you
2. Your examination transcript for the course completed at S&Co Make-up Academy
3. Upon request, a copy of Tutor’s testimonial on you