What examination qualifications do I need to learn make-up?

Becoming a successful make-up artist requires only your skills, experience and sense of beauty. Academic qualifications may help in your communication skills with customers but it is not a key requirement, in learning make-up skills.

In this digital era, the demand for make-up service is growing exponentially following the popularity of social media, where the meet-up of people are no longer constraint physically — imagine photography and videography that are both shared digitally over the Internet hence make-up service became essential in grooming a person’s cyber-image.

Millennia, also high-school leavers today are capitalising onto this growing demand for make-up service, by equipping themselves with beauty make-up skills. Though beauty and creative make-up courses are available at make-up academies, most prospective students are worried if they are meeting the enrollment requirements, in terms of academic results. Fear not, as one does not need to excel academically, to learn make-up skills.

To succeed as a make-up artist, one has to pick up the right make-up skills from the right make-up academy, and with practice makes perfect, it is the only ingredient a professional make-up artist needs.


Airbrush Makeup VS Normal Makeup!

There are a lot of make-up artists or friends who want to learn makeup often have this question.

~ Airbrush Makeup or Normal Makeup/Traditional Makeup?

~ How do I choose a makeup class? In this age of technological development, should I choose Airbrush makeup technology that looks quite advanced?

In fact, the pros and cons of Airbrush makeup are inconspicuous, and can only be evaluated by the target effect that the makeup artist wants to achieve. Continue reading “Airbrush Makeup VS Normal Makeup!”

喷枪化妆&传统化妆的比较!Airbrush Makeup VS Normal Makeup!

~到底喷枪化妆 (Airbrush Makeup) 好还是传统化妆 (Normal Makeup/Traditional Makeup) 好呢?

其实喷枪化妆的优缺点见仁见智,只能以化妆师想要达到的目标效果来给予评价。 Continue reading “喷枪化妆&传统化妆的比较!Airbrush Makeup VS Normal Makeup!”




随着信息传播平台的快速发展,我们可以从网站、报纸、电视等各种渠道去了解到化妆学院的具体情况,还可以作出相应的分析和对比。选择就读一所好的化妆学校是可以让化妆学习达到事半功倍的效果,然而,我们也不难发现,一些化妆学校花尽心思做好宣传却没有任何教学成绩,这显然会让误信的学生和家长蒙受损失。我国许多单位每年都会组织相关部门对全国范围内的化妆学校进行评比,对化妆学校的综合成绩进行排名,以此给学生和家长提供参考,2018年化妆学校排名中的推荐学校也可以让学生和家长心中有数,选择更加合适的化妆学校。 Continue reading “成为被推荐的化妆学院”

Congratulations to makeup course students who obtained City&Guilds UK Certifications!

Congratulations to our makeup course students who have finally obtained certification of City&Guilds (UK International)!

More than 140 years of history, City & Guilds International Professional Makeup Artist International Certification, this certificate of comprehensive content is extraordinary useful. It has been committed to promoting education and training closely related to the profession. City&Guilds is one of the UK’s most prestigious and largest professional qualification certification with a considerable scale of international accreditation body.

Continue reading “Congratulations to makeup course students who obtained City&Guilds UK Certifications!”

恭喜学生们终于完成了英国City & Guilds国际文凭考试!

恭喜S & Co. Makeup Academy专业化妆学生们终于完成了国际文凭的考试!

超过140年历史的英国伦敦City & Guilds国际职业化妆师国际资格认证,明星级证书含金量非同凡响,一直致力于推动和促进与职业紧密相关的教育和培训,是英国最负盛名、最大的职业资格颁证机构之一,也是颇具规模的国际性评审及资格授证机构。

Continue reading “恭喜学生们终于完成了英国City & Guilds国际文凭考试!”

S & Co. Makeup Acdemy 非常荣幸能成为知名艺人李国煌大哥的化妆赞助商!





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S & Co. Makeup Academy listed as Top 10 Beauty Academies in KL & Selangor!

Having makeup on is akin to having art using the face as a canvas. Furthermore, many would agree that the power of having good makeup has great impact. There may be many tutorial videos out there that teaches you how to put on makeup. However, it is not quite the same as lessons or classes that allow you to be hands on to cater towards different skin tones and condition. S & Co Makeup Academy provides formal education on makeup skills which enables practical learning and practicality.

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