Professional Master Make-up & Hairstyling Course

Course Introduction

Our Professional Master Make-up & Hairstyling Course prepares our students with all the skills needed to perform make-up in bridal, commercial, stage, filming & movie, to name a few. By the end of the course, students should be able to perform make-up for a broad industry wherever make-up service is required!

Suitable for: Beginners with no prior make-up experience, persons who are passionate about art, office executives, students, etc

Course Content
(Duration: 65 Lessons, approx. 6-8 months)

✔ Sense of Beauty
✔ Skin theory
✔ The Definition of various make-up its purposes
✔ Skin anatomy
✔ Basic chromatology
✔ Fashion make-up concepts (for day & night)
✔ Make-up for events (bridesmaids & relatives)
✔ Make-up for brides
✔ Classic bridal make-up
✔ Sexy bridal make-up
✔ Elegant bridal make-up
✔ Stage make-up
✔ Creative make-up
✔ Photography & videography make-up
✔ Fantasy make-up
✔ Face features and sense of beauty
✔ Bridal styling and image
✔ Stage performer styling and image
✔ Commercial artist styling and image
✔ Fantasy theme styling and image
✔ Basic knowledge of photography and styling
✔ Make-up brushes, tools and cosmetics knowhow
✔ Standard make-up procedures
✔ Perfect foundation
✔ Eyebrow correction and its perfection
✔ Face shape correction
✔ Transparent natural make-up
✔ One point eye makeup
✔ Two point eye makeup
✔ Smokey eye makeup
✔ Groom's (men) makeup

✔ Hairstyling tools and equipment knowhow
✔ Basic braids styling
✔ Basic high updos
✔ Operation of hair curler
✔ Hair parting techniques
✔ Hair bed comb techniques
✔ Hairstyling for stage performers
✔ Creative hairstyling
✔ Fantasy hairstyling
✔ Fashion hairstyling
✔ Hairstyling for brides
✔ Lovely hairstyling for brides
✔ Elegant hairstyling for brides
✔ Classic hairstyling for brides
✔ Hairstyling for groom
✔ Hair veil design

Career path

Make-up business owner, professional make-up artists, bridal house make-up and hairstylists, fashion/commercial agency make-up and hairstylists, make-up artists for filming or videography industry, tutor for make-up courses, image and stylists, trainer for cosmetic products, T-stage stylists, any make-up careers etc


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