What examination qualifications do I need to learn make-up?

Becoming a successful make-up artist requires only your skills, experience and sense of beauty. Academic qualifications may help in your communication skills with customers but it is not a key requirement, in learning make-up skills.

In this digital era, the demand for make-up service is growing exponentially following the popularity of social media, where the meet-up of people are no longer constraint physically — imagine photography and videography that are both shared digitally over the Internet hence make-up service became essential in grooming a person’s cyber-image.

Millennia, also high-school leavers today are capitalising onto this growing demand for make-up service, by equipping themselves with beauty make-up skills. Though beauty and creative make-up courses are available at make-up academies, most prospective students are worried if they are meeting the enrollment requirements, in terms of academic results. Fear not, as one does not need to excel academically, to learn make-up skills.

To succeed as a make-up artist, one has to pick up the right make-up skills from the right make-up academy, and with practice makes perfect, it is the only ingredient a professional make-up artist needs.